Posted by Liv Andersson

What happens to a public space when a fountain invades it?

Architects work in early stages with conceptual design. Where to place the buildings? What public spaces to create? How many people will pass through this square? What will be the scale of my design? Often we have a vision during the process, which might or might not agree with the reality of the finished project. Who hasn’t seen beautifully designed plazas that just don’t attract the right number of people, or overcrowded spaces which fail to provide the intended experience?

Smart Space helps you to visualise these early design stages, bringing them to life to make sure they enhance the vision. Our dynamic people flow simulation tool, SmartMove, allows one to move buildings around, sketch new walls, add attractions and change layouts to see how people will be affected and how they will interact with the space. You might even add a fountain to the middle of a square, and in real time see how daily life could be affected!

We are working hard to bring the design of public spaces into the future. Join us in our journey!