Posted by David Betts

Urban Climate Walk of the City of London

“On a rainy Thursday afternoon, a small but enthusiastic group of us participated in a walk around the city, (thank you @juliefutcher) focussed on building design. With this, we experienced first-hand the impact of the heat radiated by 20 Fenchurch Street, the powerful force of wind tunnels in a narrow street corridor at Ropemaker Street and the stench of pollution from busy roads, which lingers if the wind is unable to clear the street as it’s blocked by surrounding buildings. Standing in the middle of a small circle of towering skyscrapers at Leadenhall Street becomes more and more daunting as you imagine them continuing to grow in storeys. By the time construction will be finished, the daylight factor will be next to none.

It was truly an eye-opening experience and gave us all a new perspective to urban design. Not only do you need to ensure the building itself is sustainable but also the surrounding area and its effects on the microclimate and environment.”

Florence Wong, Ground Engineer at BuroHappold

Like Florence, Smart Space believe that powerful simulation tools and strong data analysis will enhance the design process from a very early stage, by defining the optimised shape of the building for the end-users, the stakeholders, but also the surrounding area.

We continue to develop new tools to aid architects and engineers with this endeavour. Keep checking back to our Tools and Dashboard pages for updates, and visit for more details on existing projects.

Thierry Victor, Smart Space Engineer at BuroHappold

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