Posted by Liv Andersson

Transport of the future – A developing vision

In Stage II of the Buro Happold Young Engineers competition, Rail station of the future, our Smart-based team of bright, young minds asked the question: What will be the human needs and desires in the future?

We don’t know for sure what new materials, technologies or systems will be available in 100 years from now. What we do know is that the human strive to facilitate life and increase comfort has been going on and will continue to go on well beyond the next 100 years.

Our core concept for the submission is a seamless journey, how by connecting the existing transport modes we will decrease travel time and increase comfort. We also believe that we as humans benefit from social interaction, and by creating a stress-free, comfortable environment, we want to inspire that interaction.

In essence, our young engineers did what we in Smart do best: designed a space with the people at heart.

Take a look at our video submission and let us know what you think.