Posted by Selma Bjorklund

Translating feelings into physical environments

What words would you use to describe your dream office? Is it filled with light? Buzzing with energy? A creative environment that encourages inspiring encounters? Now imagine that you are the architect designing this office. How would you go about implementing these things into your design?

There are no rules on how to design a space that feeds the soul. You can design where walls will stand, what materials to use and where the furniture will be, but it’s difficult to know for sure how these things will impact the space’s inhabitants. You can only look back at what has been done before, and make educated guesses on what exactly it is that made them successful or not.

Actually… There is a bit more than that can be done.

In a time where most of us stay connected to whatever we can connect to, data is constantly being gathered. One of the big challenges of our time is to learn to harness all this data, and in our era it’s very much possible to do so. Social media sites keep track of what you post and where you post it, thus making it possible to map your feelings in all these places. One tweet may say very little, but when posts can be gathered in the thousands we start being able to map out patterns.

Another way to predict how we experience a space is to use the things that we can actually measure. With the help of SmartMove (Smart Space’s in-house people flow simulation software) density, interaction, and other metrics can be predicted and measured. All of this combined gives us a good idea of what physical elements make up a desirable environment.

Let’s go back to our dream office. Can we translate what we want to experience to things we can actually build? Is “buzzing with energy” equal to “open floorplan where all activity can be seen and heard”? Take a look at our recent work in the Workplace Sector, and feel free to comment below what you would want to experience in your workplace, and how you think the physical space can create that!

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