Posted by David Betts

SmartSpaceAnalyser for GH

SmartSpaceAnalyser is a highly intuitive tool to perform spatial analysis on a building or urban scale. It allows you to perform distance mapping, visibility analysis and connectivity analysis in seconds.

As a Grasshopper plug-in for Rhino, SmartSpaceAnalyser provides real-time interaction in the modelling environment to quickly test a range of scenarios with instant visual feedback.Feel free to visit the link below and start exploring the possibilities of SmartSpaceAnalyser. We are constantly updating our tools, adding new functionality and improving performance so do keep checking back for our latest updates.

To try SmartSpaceAnalyser for yourself, download at Food4Rhino: Download

You might also want to check out our SmartSpaceAnalyser tool on the web, built in collaboration with Flux – click here to launch