We live in a world where there is an ‘App’ for everything. Smart Space is no different. From the earliest concept stage to the operation of a building or space, designs are brought to life by our suite of apps.

Sensing – behind any great architecture is a foundation of data and understanding of how it relates to people. We have developed tools to collect data (WiFi, Bluetooth, RFID, camera based), make sense of data (social media analytics, machine learning), and feed this deep understanding into every one of our projects.

Shaping – we work in an environment of integrated engineering. Our in-house tools contribute to the shaping of complex building forms, freeform structure design, environmental and massing optimisation, and interactive dashboards to shape in real-time.

Simulating – Our flagship software, SmartMove, brings designs to life, revealing how a space will function in operation and highlighting the successes or opportunities. We combine spatial analysis, people flow, and complex process modelling to simulate from building scale to city scale. To see how we use the evidence provided by these tools to tell visual and compelling stories, visit Data.