Posted by Markus Gustafsson

Smart Stadia

Sports stadia and arenas thrive on capacity crowds who arrive, circulate and depart across a relatively short space of time. Understanding the requirements of each venue and what makes a positive visitor experience is essential in designing and operating world-class venues.

  • Circulation design and capacity assessments
  • Ingress, egress and internal fl ow analysis
  • Transport drop-off s and security
  • Sizing of turnstile/gate, concourse, vomitory, gangway
  • Stairs, escalators, lifts and corridor sizing
  • Design guideline compliance
  • Testing of wayfinding strategies
  • Accessibility to transport nodes
  • Crowd fl ow surveys and evacuation modelling
  • Toilet and concession analysis
  • Operational planning for special events
  • Audit and improvement of circulation efficiency