Places need people and people need places: our work seamlessly integrates the two by putting people at the heart of an integrated design process.

Our people flow modelling service helps to define and refine efficient spaces where people feel comfortable and secure. How do people interact with buildings, processes, different environments, each other? We help to reveal the answers to these questions using an evidence-based approach with powerful results.

Space is a rare commodity - maximising what we have is crucial. We firmly believe that designing for improved wellbeing, comfort and experience goes hand-in-hand with designing for optimised revenues, operational management and cost-savings. An optimised design achieves bottom line results in tandem with achieving the best possible experience.

We bring spaces to life using sophisticated simulation tools like SmartMove - our in-house software – and commercial tools like Legion, Exodus, and CAST. We paint a picture for our clients of how their building or space will operate in a typical day-in-life or critical scenario, with real-time simulation capability and BIM-integrated tools. From early stage design to buildings in operation, our work helps to optimise the built environment.


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