The value of our work is not just in the innovative ideas or the solutions, but also in helping clients understand the evidence and stories behind the solutions. It is in demonstrating that the very best solution has been found, or that we’ve provided all the insights and tools needed for clients to make the decisions for themselves.

We have been developing a wide range of interactive data visualisation and decision enhancing predictive modelling tools to do just that. Data alone is not the answer – making sense of it, developing insights from it, and telling a clear story with it is where the value can be found. In developing scalable CAD, BIM or web platforms that link historic data, live sensor data, analytics and simulation from raw data, spreadsheets or cloud, Smart Space have helped high-profile clients across diverse sectors of the built environment to make planning and investment decisions.

On this page you will find a small subset of our tools to play with and explore. We are constantly updating our portfolio so please check back from time to time to see the latest developments.

Create and publish your own custom dashboard in minutes

Coming soon! Bring your own data and create an engaging and interactive dashboard

Commercial Tower Masterplan, Central London

What makes a great masterplan in central London? Is it good access, comfortable

Multi-Use Development and Public Realm

Context is everything - a masterplan in Dubai will have very different requirements

Project Destiny

What is the impact of moving an office location in central London? The

University of North Carolina

Our data-rich University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW) dashboard creates an active model

Workplace Analytics

User comfort and wellbeing are key factors to successful work spaces, campuses and cities. Environmental