We are passionate about using data, technology and a lot of creativity to optimise the interface between people and places. If you’ve ever been stuck on a congested rail station platform, been frustrated in a queue for a drink at the theatre, or struggled your way through an airport, we share your pain. But if you’ve ever wondered at the exhibits in the Natural History Museum, enjoyed the atmosphere at a world-class stadium, or taken the tourist trail through a vibrant city, then perhaps you've visited one of the many sites where Smart Space have helped to shape a better experience.

But it’s not just about us – In this blog we’re delighted to share our recent work, our latest innovations and our thoughts on a better future. We would love to read your comments and contributions, so please join the conversation.

Designing safer, cleaner city travel

BuroHappold Engineering was tasked with exploring options for the design of a cycle track along

A dynamic new neighbourhood for midtown New York

With peak hour passenger numbers travelling through the Port Authority Bus Terminal (PABT) expected to

Walk it off

Have you heard about the ‘superblocks’ in Barcelona - where a cluster of city blocks

A day in the field

A couple of weeks ago a colleague and I headed out into the wild to

Do I have your attention?

Being seen and heard is important. In fact, it is so

Meet me at the coffee machine

We are a little over 400 people working in the BuroHappold Bath office. I have

Loosening your belt to cure obesity?

Widening corridors to solve congestion problems is like loosening your belt to cure obesity! An easy

Cyclists and pedestrians in perfect harmony

Few things make me as anxious as bikes. They’re fast, almost invisible (or is that

Happy Smart New Year!

As the glitz and glamour of the New Year celebrations fade away, many are left

Bath – A Christmas love story

I often say that if I had a spirit city (the city version of spirit

A tale of bagels, frustration, and space optimisation

I’m a bagel enthusiast. Perhaps not to the point where I make my own bagels

Translating feelings into physical environments

What words would you use to describe your dream office? Is it filled with light?

Making airports an enjoyable part of travelling

If I’d put up an online dating profile, I’d be one of the biggest clichés

Getting Smart with Space - where are the latest innovations taking us?

Check out a recent article on BIM+ where Shrikant Sharma, group director of Smart Space,

Let the sunshine in - keep the radiance heat out

Have you ever been to Greece? Even if you haven’t, I’m sure you could imagine

What does a computational designer learn from a site visit?

Last week, I had the opportunity to join in for a site visit in a

A million people heading the right way

I grew up in Gothenburg, Sweden, a city with a population of a little less

Transport of the future – A developing vision

In Stage II of the Buro Happold Young Engineers competition, Rail station of the future,

Evidence-Based Design to Improve Pharmacy Department Efficiency

In 2014, the Smart Space team undertook a study to aid the design of

Transport of the future – A Young Engineer’s fresh insight

A hundred years from now, the world’s transport systems will have very different requirements than

Urban Climate Walk of the City of London

"On a rainy Thursday afternoon, a small but enthusiastic group of us participated in a

Navigating the way - Signage based on wayfinding metrics

In a recently published paper, the work of Smart Space Research Engineer, Fraser

An athlete's perspective: Are arenas being built for the people?

My whole life, I’ve been involved in different types of sports on various levels, and

What happens to a public space when a fountain invades it?

Architects work in early stages with conceptual design. Where to place the buildings? What public

Event venues: How to increase revenue and visitor comfort

Last week, for the first time in my life, I attended a ballet performance in

Optimising environments for both cyclists and pedestrians

We are delighted to introduce a new feature developed in our agent-based simulation software SmartMove: The

Improving the daily life of researchers in a world class lab

BuroHappold’s Smart Space team has used the flexibility of the agent-based simulation software SmartMove to aid the

How well do pedestrians mix with cars, buses and trains?

From train journeys to regional coach journeys, or from your private car to a specific tube

How do you bring sketches to life? Add people movement

Bringing drawings to life using SmartMove, a plug-in to Rhino 3D. SmartMove is

Breaking a Guinness World Record: The 10KSA Ribbon

We've used our people flow modelling software to define and simulate the safest and most

Giving the people of Lower Manhattan the space they deserve

Check out our people movement assessment of Lower Manhattan's overcrowded streets. Part of the wider

The new SmartMove is coming soon... The UI design development

Liv Andersson is developing the new interface of the future SmartMove. We ask Liv how

Inspiring the next generation of engineers at TEDx Youth Bath

The recent TEDx Youth event, held at Bath Forum, provided the perfect platform for inspiring

Energy performance monitor for an office in London

How much energy is used every day in the offices of London? How is that

Mapping Tweets from Twitter users in Lower Manhattan

The SmartCity Dashboard showcases an extract of tweets during a 24 hour period. The first

SmartViz - Online mapping and exploration of data

SmartViz is a tool developed by the Smart Space team to allow quick, visual analysis

SmartTransportPlanner - London underground usage

The SmartTransportPlanner showcases the pressure on London's underground network capacity during a 24 hour period.

SmartRetailPlanner - Mapping shopping patterns

The SmartRetailPlanner maps movements of shoppers in a 2D or 3D environment, revealing the changing

SmartProcessAnalyser - Process driven people movement

SmartProcessAnalyser is a highly intuitive tool to perform static calculations of people movements and processes

How do we measure, manage and improve the resilience of cities?

Cities, communities, organisations and buildings are increasingly susceptible to the stresses and shocks from climate

SmartMove crowd and traffic flow modelling of an Exhibition Centre

Helping deliver 7* experience for guests and efficient operations through assessment and optimisation of pedestrian

Cardiff Central Square crowd flow modelling after a stadium event

SmartMove crowd flow modelling of Cardiff Central Square during a Millennium Stadium event. Detailed dynamic

SmartMove crowd flow modelling to optimise a commercial campus

Optimising the pedestrian flows for efficient circulation, maximising productivity and wellbeing of visitors and staff.

SmartSpaceAnalyser - Realtime spatial analysis

SmartSpaceAnalyser is a highly intuitive tool to perform spatial analysis on a building or urban