Posted by Shrikant Sharma

Shrikant Sharma

I lead the Smart Space team at BuroHappold Engineering.

Smart Space is a specialist service that uses sophisticated simulations to analyse the interaction of People with Spaces and Processes, with a view to optimising design and logistics for buildings and urban spaces. This ‘people-centered’ design approach uses our insights into people’s behaviour, activities and journeys to maximise space utilisation, wayfinding, circulation efficiency, retail footfalls, operational effectiveness, resilience, and ultimately visitor experience.

Dedicated to putting people at the heart of buildings and masterplan designs, I have a keen interest in transforming spaces into inspirational, safe and inclusive places. With a multidiscipline thinking, I lead cutting-edge projects in sectors ranging from masterplanning to detailed design of exhibition and cultural events, airports, hospitals, and major transport hubs.

I am passionate about the development of powerful simulation and data visualisation tools to assess and visualise the bottlenecks, risks and opportunities from existing or proposed spaces. Using intuitive, dynamic, immersive and interactive visualisations, our modelling tools respond to the user in real-time, right within the 3D CAD / BIM / GIS / Web platforms. The idea is to hide the complexity of number crunching in the background and put the decision maker in control. Leaving the designers and operators to assess the impacts of a vast array of their decisions, to carry out what-if analyses, ultimately to generate better informed and evidence based designs.

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