Posted by Selma Bjorklund

Meet me at the coffee machine

We are a little over 400 people working in the BuroHappold Bath office. I have a group of people at work that I would classify as my private friends. This is about 10 people. A slightly larger group, maybe 40, fall under work friends. Some of these work friends I don’t know the name of, yet I would still call them a friend. Our only interaction is that of bumping into each other and sharing a few words around the office. That’s it. Still, I would definitely consider them a friend and if I had a question or thought regarding their area of expertise, I wouldn’t hesitate to come to them.

Interactions at work are important. The quick exchanges of words that happen in the elevator, corridor or at the tea station build relationships that otherwise would never happen. These relationships can then be used to take our skills and projects further, and allow us to feel safe and at home in our workplaces.

The Smart Space people flow software, SmartMove, not only simulates people flow, but also runs people flow analysis. This analysis includes people density and footfall count, but also the probability of interactions. This is visualised as a heatmap, where you can see the interaction hot spots and know where people are more likely to bump into each other.

Using this as a design tool allows you to know and enhance your office interactions. Where do they happen, and where would you want them to happen? How can you make sure that you’re using them to their full potential?

Smart Space will gladly help you to answer these questions and many more. Let us know in the comments: where is your favourite place to stay and chat with your colleagues?

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