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Jinu Varughese

After completing my bachelor’s in architecture from India, I decided to pack up my life and take it with me to the UK to do an MSc. in Construction Management at Loughborough University. I joined Smart Space as a student placement to complete my dissertation project “People Flow Modelling in Building Design”. I understand the challenges faced by my fellow architects to develop a beautiful concept, gain good aesthetics for their building but the question always remained – how do we provide the best experience for the users? That is where I wanted to make a difference in the design industry and Smart Space provides the platform to add significant value for clients through people flow study for buildings and masterplans. The great contributions Smart Space make to the construction industry and the ongoing challenges and lessons learnt from the team have kept me here since 2010.

At the time of joining, the team was much smaller but we had plenty of vision and ambitions. I can say that we have achieved a lot of them, and there is continuing efforts to improve ourselves to be efficient and provide real-time design solving tools for our clients. Drawing on my architectural knowledge and problem solving skills, I have taken a technical lead role in delivering projects in various sectors: education, stadia, cultural venues, transport hubs and airports. My vision is to coordinate a technical database for people movement and to make people flow an integral and seamless part of all architectural design (buildings and masterplans).

I consider myself a fairly active person… While not gardening, at the gym or cooking, you’ll find me singing and playing with my little one. My colleagues say it is very easy to make me happy!

One of my favourite statements is: Enjoy and work through each second of your present life and you will make a beautiful future. Keep smiling!

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