Posted by Selma Bjorklund

Happy Smart New Year!

As the glitz and glamour of the New Year celebrations fade away, many are left dazed and a little puzzled. How will we accomplish our resolutions? Will we be able to build on the past year and see the new one through fresh eyes? Some argue that the dawning of a new year isn’t very special, just another day in another week. I feel differently. Something happens when so many people make promises and see tomorrow as a new start; it’s as if the spoken magic becomes real. It’s as if this really is a brand new start.

In Smart Space, we will continue to push ourselves, always trying to stay ahead and be at the very forefront of emerging technologies. We will keep thinking about the “why” and the true purpose of our work. We will ask ourselves if there is a better, smarter way to achieve our goals.

We also have some more concrete resolutions, like releasing our brand new SmartViz tool! (Do you follow us on Twitter? Keep an eye open for more updates @SmartSpace_BH)

Personally, I’ve promised myself to nurture my physical and emotional growth, staying strong, happy and stress free. The latter has always been a tough one, as the world offers so many fun things to pour my energy into and so little time to do so. 2018 will be a year for me to choose my battles and make those battles count.

Are you excited for the new year ahead? What are your resolutions? Join the conversation in the comments below or tweet us, we love to hear what you have to say!

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