Posted by Selma Bjorklund

Do I have your attention?

Being seen and heard is important. In fact, it is so important that some studies show that a person can be exposed to thousands of ads during the course of a single day [1]. This is thousands of companies trying to be seen and heard, but how many of these messages are actually registered? In a world where being surrounded by advertisements is the norm, communicators are being forced to be more and more creative with their marketing in order to reach their target audience.

When fighting for the attention of a crowd, all factors are valuable. The marketing content itself, of course, but also the placement and potential exposure of a campaign play an important role in whether or not people will notice and remember it. When doing large-scale construction, considering this can greatly influence the price for advertising spaces in and around the project.

To assist with optimising the above, Smart Space has modelled the urban realm around St. Giles Circus in London. This is a space with lots of pedestrians, thus making it a space with huge opportunities to be seen and heard.

Using metrics like footfall, density, and ‘eyeballs’ – the visual equivalent of footfall – the space has been analysed to find ways to increase pedestrian comfort and safety, all while keeping them susceptible to their surroundings.


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