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Designing safer, cleaner city travel

BuroHappold Engineering was tasked with exploring options for the design of a cycle track along a large, heavily trafficked avenue. The proposed cycle track would pass a Metro station entrance and exit point where there is limited queuing space. Our team needed to consider a number of factors to find a plan that would work within a tight space and busy junction. Challenges such as parked cars, intersections, busy sidewalks and turning cars all had to be incorporated into our plans.

We created an agent-based model to visualize multiple options for the proposed cycle track. Our model was based on video recordings of the location, signal timing, volume counts, and speed calculations, allowing the multiple options to be compared holistically – incorporating pedestrian, cyclist and driver perspectives – allowing the client to observe behaviors, actions, and reactions.  This enabled us to not only effectively demonstrate the different options available to our client, but to accurately map the route of the proposed cycle path, taking into consideration the conditions and challenges of the location.

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