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Bath – A Christmas love story

I often say that if I had a spirit city (the city version of spirit animal), it would be Bath. Bath is small enough that I can walk anywhere (I love walking), has incredible shopping (I love shopping), but most of all, the city of Bath seems to love Christmas just as much as I do. Around Halloween, the first decorations pop up in town, and by the beginning of December, the Christmas bonanza has hit us all with full force.

Christmas in Bath consists of many things: we have an ice rink, Christmas parties and Christmas decorations hanging across the main street, but most of all Christmas in Bath is synonymous with the Bath Christmas market. The Christmas market is a big deal. Busloads of tourists arrive each day, and special queuing is implemented by the train station to accommodate the great increase in visitors. There is mulled wine, crafts, and specialty foods, all sold in timber stalls with fake snow on the roofs. If you lift your eyes above the crowd you may spot the foam snow falling from the sky, and Christmas music rings through the streets. The market is fantastic.

Many Bath residents would beg to differ with my last statement. A lot of people think that the market is something to be avoided, not because of the market itself but for the amount of people it brings. For one month, every bit of central Bath is packed.

Although not very convenient for those who commute daily by foot, this can bring many positive effects. For the local businesses, the market and the people it brings are a great opportunity to reach new customers and increase profit. A change in people flow in any setting gives that setting new conditions. With more people passing a business property, rent can be raised and revenues increased. People bring with them possibilities. In Bath, this is harnessed for example with pop-up shops that use the flow from the market to increase their potential gain. Over all, the market makes Bath a more profitable location for its businesses.

How would you utilise an increase in people flow? Is the city doing the right thing in having the market on the most central streets? Smart Space keeps these questions in mind as we enter the winter season, and we wish you all bright holidays and a happy new year!

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