Optimising the interface between people and places


We are a small, inquisitive team of people interested in using data, technology and a lot of creativity to make the world a better place.

We… Design buildings and spaces with people at the heart of the brief… Are all about better museums, theatres, airports, transport hubs, events, hotels, workplaces, institutes, and urban spaces… Love to get places working to their maximum potential by optimising operations… Are never afraid to challenge the status quo… Are a diverse group of engineers, mathematicians, computer scientists, biologists, architects, and behavioural scientists.

But it’s not just about us – We work with a wide range of interesting researchers, collaborators, partners, clients, and the users of the spaces, driving the future of the industry together.

We would love to hear from you. Please join us by registering on our site, contributing to our blog, and following us on social media.


Meet the team

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