Posted by Liv Andersson

Making airports an enjoyable part of travelling

If I’d put up an online dating profile, I’d be one of the biggest clichés of them all: “I love travelling”. However, looking at the bonus points rolling into my aviation program, it’s not a lie. I love seeing different places and I never decline the opportunity of a business trip.

On the other hand, one of the things I don’t love is all the hassle about it. I’ve been advised to be at my best during travelling days, however, I’m always tempted to dress up in a track suit and my running shoes. Partly because of the stress of interchanges, and partly because of the huge distances you usually (always) have to cover to get from one terminal to another.

At Smart Space, one of our specialities is airport layout and logistics. From defining the walking routes to advising on signage and appropriate numbers of passport controls or security lanes, we help to improve the experience from the moment you arrive to the airport until you take off. Have a look at our previous projects and see for yourself!

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